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1930 Census Index for Macomb County

This every-name index for the 1930 federal population census of Macomb County, Michigan, was created by Mount Clemens Public Library from National Archives microfilm rolls T626-1008 and T626-1009.  The 1930 census reported the total population of Macomb County as 77,146.

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Surname First Name Age ED# Sheet Line# City/Township Soundex
???Angelo3450-292B55Mount Clemens
???Augusta M6250-34A24Romeo Village
???Lena6050-2911A34Mount Clemens
???William6450-34A23Romeo Village
????Bertha4050-2920A25Mount Clemens
????Joseph6750-312B100Mount Clemens
?????Donald3250-2920A44Mount Clemens
?????Marion2250-2920B59Mount Clemens
???bergFred650-3015A25Mount Clemens
???bergGertrude3450-3015A21Mount Clemens

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