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This database is a collaborative effort of the Macomb County Genealogy Group at Mount Clemens Public Library.  For questions about this database, contact  To order copies from these records, contact Macomb County Genealogical Research Assistance.

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Surname Or Corporate Name Given Name Action File Number Year Volume Page Soundex
13 Mile RdLaying out 1 parcel101651928CCJ-T70
1st Baptist Ch & Soc of Lenox & RichmonCivil1874CCJ-D299,310
1st Christian Ch RomeoCivil1871CCJ-D88
1st Christian Church of RomeoCivil1871CCJ-D102,110
1st Congregational Ch & Society of AshleCivil84601923CCJ-P195
1st Methodist Episcopal Ch Mt ClemensCivil1888CCJ-F92,148,164-166,169,171
1st Methodist Episcopal Church UticaPetition1856CCJ-B361
1st Nat Bank of Fondulac WiscCivil1887CCJ-F94
1st Nat Bank of Groton NYCivil1879CCJ-E89
1st Nat Bank of RomeoCivil1888CCJ-F129-130,292,351,392,406

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