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Macomb County Military Index

The Macomb County Military Index is intended as a virtual monument to the men and women from Macomb County who answered their nation's call in time of war, and as an aid to genealogical and historical research.  The index includes residents of Macomb County, Michigan who served in the military during wartime, Civil War through Korean War.  The database is compiled from numerous published sources and newspaper clippings.  Each entry includes a source code for the primary source which identified the individual as a war veteran.  Some sources contain additional information; others contain none.  Consult the key below for further information.

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Surname Given Name War Service Branch Birth Date Death Date Source
AbbeyAaron LCivilArmyRSMVCW
AbbeyAndrew JCivilArmyRSMVCW
AbbottAmos WCivilArmyRSMVCW
AbbottJeremiah SCivilArmy07 Oct 1861LEESON
AbeOtto JWWIArmy04 Aug 189013 Aug 1978RMCSSWWI
AbelRobert JKoreanMarines04 Apr 193521 Mar 1998OBITUARY
AbernathyA BCivilArmy24 Sep 1864LEESON

This database was compiled by Deborah Larsen & Margaret Hindley and is maintained by Mount Clemens Public Library.

Last update: May 29, 2018
Current database size: 11,351 records