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About the Macomb County Court Records Index

Mount Clemens Public Library is home to 182 original record books from the Macomb County Circuit Court dating between 1837 to 1969.   These include civil, criminal, chancery, appeals, and divorce records under 12 titles.  None of these series are complete, and additional volumes remain under the jurisdiction of the Macomb County Clerk.  To find which volumes are at  MCPL, consult the catalog  using the key word search term of Macomb County Court.    

Realizing the value of these records and the desire to make them available to all researchers, the Macomb County Genealogy Group began to index this records in 2005 for the Library website.    This is an ongoing project, and as additional books are indexed they will be added to the database.   To view the Codes used in this index and our progress click here.

The Circuit Court Journals will provide you with a chronological summary of all the court business, which included all types of court cases, naturalizations, licenses to practice law, appointments, condemnation of property for roads and schools, and many other matters   Sometimes you will find detailed information in the journals, sometimes not.  Using the information in this Index, you will be able to pursue further information, primarily by accessing the microfilmed case files at the Macomb County Circuit Court which usually includes copies the petition or bill of complaint by the plaintiff, the answer by the defendant, testimony, and all of the other original papers pertaining to the case.  These are arranged on 3 sets of films criminal, civil, and chancery, each with their own file numbers.   If the file number is listed, you can easily access these records using the information from the Index.  If it is not known, then it is necessary for you to use the soundex cardfile index in the basement of court building.   The soundex index is an incomplete index, listing only the primary plaintiff and defendant, rather than all the parties in the case.  Be sure to consult the Journals to determine the type of action  and primary parties prior to visiting the Courthouse.

The Record of Divorce Proceedings will tell you who initiated the divorce, when, the grounds in broad terms, the file number, the date and place of marriage, and whether the divorced was granted, and from 1924 usually included the names of their children.  Divorces are a part if the Chancery records and since the file number is included, it is easy to obtain a copy of the file which will give you the specifics in each case.

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