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Mount Clemens Public Library does not have staff available to conduct genealogical research for patrons. However, volunteers from the Macomb County Genealogy Group will perform research to benefit our Local History & Genealogy Room.

Photocopies from Library Genealogy Databases (Indexes)

Photocopies of records from the following Library Genealogy Databases may be ordered for a service fee of $4.00/each or three for $10.00 with database index information provided in the request. When no database index information is provided the fee is $10/each.

  • Obituaries
  • Funeral Home Abstracts (excluding Schwarzkoff)
  • Erin Township Records
  • Mount Clemens Volunteer Fire Department Records
  • Mount Clemens High School Yearbooks or City Directories

Photocopies of records from the following Library Genealogy Databases have the following service fees:

  • Schwarzkoff Funeral Home files -- $5.00 each (which includes up to four pages)
  • Macomb County Probate Files -- $10 each with citation to database (which includes up to four photocopies of the most important pages.) If you are interested in the complete file, please contact us for a quote prior to mailing your request.

Other Searches

  • Obituary Search for persons not included in the Obituary Index. The Cost is $10 if the approximate date of death or burial is known. Not all Macomb County newspapers have been indexed. This search can include Detroit newspapers from 1939 forward or from the Detroit Free Press digitized newspapers, 1831-1999.
  • Family Group Sheet documentation and other research, $20 per hour.
  • Church records from the MCGG Church Book Scanning Project, contact MCGG at

Genealogical Search Request Instructions

Any questions can be sent to

Search requests can be made using postal mail or email. Results can be printed and postal mailed or results can be scanned and sent using email. Besides paying by check, there is now the option to pay by credit card. Please be sure to include a phone number so you can be contacted to complete the credit card transaction at the appropriate time.

By Postal Mail

To request a search please address a letter (include your email and phone number) to:

Genealogical  Research Service
c/o Mount Clemens Public Library
150 Cass Avenue
Mount Clemens, Michigan 48043-2222

By Email

To request a search please send an email (include your phone number) to:

Payment Option – By Credit Card or Debit Card

Be sure to include a phone number with your postal mail or email request. You will be contacted for your credit or debit card information for non-refundable payment. (If requesting printouts to be postal mailed, include appropriate postage shown below.)

Payment Option – By Check

Mail with reference to your email search request (or include with your postal mailed search request) a non-refundable check made payable to Mount Clemens Public Library.

Requests for printed copies must include a self-addressed, stamped business-size envelope. Please affix stamps to your self-addressed stamped envelope with the following postage amounts, according to number of pages you are requesting. For orders over eight pages, we will furnish a large envelope to ship your order but please include loose stamps to cover the postage amount.

No. of pages Postage Amount
1-4 $0.58 (one forever stamp)
5-8 $0.78
9-13 $1.56
14-18 $1.76
19-23 $1.96

NOTE: Please be PATIENT! All requests are handled by volunteers who do the research in their spare time. With many requests to handle, it may take several weeks to complete your order. If there is a need to have your order expediated please include an extra $20.

Macomb County Court Index

This database is a collaborative effort of the Macomb County Genealogy Group at Mount Clemens Public Library. For questions about this database, contact:

In early 2021, these court books were transferred to the Archives of Michigan in Lansing, Michigan, so they are no longer available locally. Contact the Archives of Michigan <  > regarding accessing the collection and requests for copies from these journals. Use the information from our index database to specify what you are seeking. The Archives of Michigan will let you know its current research policies.

This database index information can also be used to request copies for Macomb County Circuit Court records (case files) when the case file number is included in our database index. Requests should be made to the Macomb County Circuit Court  <  >  using its Document Order Form. Follow the directions on the court’s Document Order form available on its website. There is a contact phone number on the form to answer any questions when filling out the form. The Macomb County Circuit Court’s own online database, CourtView, includes cases from the 1970s or 1980s forward depending on the type of case. Earlier years are on microfilm or in physical form. Researching a case can be done in-person though it is suggested you call ahead so staff can be made available as well as determining materials needed.

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